The School prepares the students for SSC through English Medium. It is recognized by the Govt. Of Andhra Pradesh . In addition to this, importance is given to moral education as well along with physical training, games & sports.

Value Education

The School is a centre in which a specific concept of the World, of man and of history is developed and conveyed. It’s also a place of integral formation of persons by means of personal contacts and commitments which consider absolute values in a life context and seek to insert them into a life frame work.

To this end the school stimulates the student to exercise his intelligence through the dynamics of understanding to attain clarity and inventiveness, helping him to spell out the meaning of his experiences and their truths. The school strives to draw out the ethical discussion for the precise purpose of arousing the individual’s inner spiritual dynamics and to aid him in achieving that moral freedom which compliments the psychological freedom.

All values, human and spiritual, especially those elucidated by the great Religious leaders and Indian thinkers, shall find their echo in the content and methodology of the teaching-learning process and experiences.