Examinations are conducted regularly i.e. four unit tests and three term examinations including the annual examination.

The time table for each examination / test is communicated to the student in advance in their respective classes. Parents shall know the approximate date of starting each examination. Attendance at all examinations is compulsory. As such, any child who absents themselves, from any examination shall be awarded zero for the same. Exemption shall be granted on medical grounds which shall be certificated by a registered practitioner. Hence, parents/guardians are requested not to ask for Exemption from examination for the purpose of marriage, function, pilgrimages, pleasure trips, etc.

Promotions are made once a year after the Annual Examination. Every pupil has to put in a minimum of 90% attendance with up to 10% allowance for valid reasons. If a student fails after repeating the same class once, they will have to leave the school.