Leave Of Absence

Leave of absence will be granted only on prior information on a written application from the parent/guardian. Reasons for leave must be valid. In case of absence due to illness, the student, on returning to school must bring a leave letter – stating the reason for his absence and duly signed by the parent/guardian.

Absence Without Leave

The student who has been absent from school will not be allowed to enter their class unless they brings a note, stating the reason for their absence duly signed by their parent/guardian and obtain the Principal’s permission.

Code Of Conduct

Strict regularity, obedience, courtesy in speech and conduct are expected from every student.

Student must maintain personal hygiene and cleanliness.

Home assignments shall be done regularly and carefully and submitted on time.

The school premises and surroundings should be kept clean and tidy.

Irregular attendance, unsatisfactory attention to studies, disobedience and objectionable conduct in and out of school will justify dismissal from the school.

Students must not come to school wearing ornaments.

Use Of English

Being an English Medium School, students shall speak in English at all times except in other language classes or when situation warrants it.