About us

School Motto

“RABBI ZIDNI ILMA”( Oh Lord! Increase me in my knowledge)

Establishment and brief history

Lovely Educational Society was established in 1983 in Hasan Nagar as a primary school with only 11 students, a teacher, a blackboard and a rug for the students to sit upon. Slowly with the endeavour of the founder and the moral support of the local people the school improved. By 1986 their were about 150 students and 4 teachers

In 1986 Mr. Syed Muneeruddin took over the management of the school. The new manager inspired by Milton’ s words “Made weak by time & fate, but strong in will, to strive, to seek, to find and not to yield”, whole heartedly put his efforts in the improvement of the nascent school.

The school was recognized in the year 1997 up to 7th class. But with the permission of the authorities, classes up to 10th continued. In the academic year 2006-2007 their were about 650 students,15 teachers & 4 non teaching staff including a physical instructor.

Aim of the school

The founder started the school with an aim of educating the downtrodden, neglected & backward children of the community. It was purely on welfare basis that the society started its work. Its founder had a vision of uplifting the poor and backward children of the society.

It prepares the student for life, to develop the qualities of the mind, the heart, and the skills and attitudes which enable him to cope with the demands of life, and to be a concerned and contributing member of the Society and of the Nation.